tri-WiWS A tri-Wi Transmit and Receive System

tri-Wi: What is it?

tri-Wi is a wireless audio and DMX transmission system. Whether working indoors or outdoors, Audio and DMX cable runs can be costly! Replacing inconvenient, expensive and risk prone cabling with a high performance tri-Wi system will remove cable headaches without compromising signal quality.

Wireless transfer of audio and DMX signals with just one system comprising

  • tri-Wi Tx [Transmitter]
  • tri-Wi Rx [Receiver]
  • tri-Wi Rp [Repeater] can be added between Tx and Rx for even longer distances

Featured News


tri-Wi Reaches All The Way To Africa!

Maybe it is because Luanda – the capital city of Angola – lies south of the Equator that news of a major event has only just reached these shores; for back in late summer a major tri-Wi wireless audio system was used at the closing ceremony of the MPLA 2012 Angolan legislative election.